Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cute Stationary - Michaels Haul

Hey kawaii lovers,

I hope you are having an amazing day! I am doing a little Michaels haul but as a blog post version. I just love Michaels. Whenever I go in that store I never leave empty handed because I always find something cute and worth it. I have a few great items that I got on sale and wanted to share with you guys so here it is! Enjoy :D

These were in the planner section and I got it for a great price so I was really happy. They had more varieties but this was the cutest one. :)

Omg these are really cute bows that comes with a tag. I love the colors and the designs. I figured as they were at a really good price how can I not get them and so I did :D

I also got this cute pink paperclip. They had it in different colors but I just loved the pink one. It is really cute and right now I have it sitting on my desk.

 Here are my cute little pens. I got also them at a really good price and as I love colorful things I couldn't just pass by and not buy them.

These are amazing little notebooks that I also found at Michaels. I love hard cover notebooks so I was really happy when I got them. One says: I've got this and the other one says: Make mistakes. And they each match with the pens that I bought. (shown above)

I really wanted to show you guys this one although I haven't purchase it at Michaels. I don't remember where I got this but I just fell in love with it and so I had to get it. I love how it says: my head is in the clouds and you can write all of your thoughts in it! And of course the cloudy design makes it even cuter. :D

I love watching stationary hauls! If you are a stationary lover too, please leave your link below :)

As always, Stay Kawaii ^_^'

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