Monday, March 19, 2018

Wishlist Monday

Hey kawaii lovers,
Isn't checking off anything that is on your wishlist one of the best feelings ever?I have got some amazing things to share with you guys today! :D

Fry-day pen 
First of all, it says "fry-day" on the pen. How cute is that? Also, the pen has lovely colors and there is actually fries on top of it. I just love it!


Mini Donut Eraser Set 
ISN'T THIS SO ADORABLE! How can a stationary lover not want this? It's just so cuteee.


Cactus cup desk organizer
Can we just take a moment to appreciate this wonderful desk organizer? This would make any desk much prettier.


Led peg message board 
I love these message boards that can be re-used. It adds something to your room and can also represents you in a way.

Mini acrylic album photo frame
I love photography and everything acrylic too. So this is just perfect! I just love to have random pictures of a landscape or anything in the nature or simply a great photo in my room but this mini acrylic album can place everything together and organize your pictures. I am in love with this. It is so cute and awesome. :D


Donut sharpener
Omg. Why having a normal sharpener when you can have this one? This is so adorable. It would be a perfect fit in your pencil case with all the other pretty stationary that you have. Love it!


That is it for today. I hope you liked all these cute and pretty stationary things. Every month, I will choose a Monday and share awesome stationary with you guys :D 

If you have a blog or any kind of stationary that you want to share, please leave your link below. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cute Stationary - Michaels Haul

Hey kawaii lovers,

I hope you are having an amazing day! I am doing a little Michaels haul but as a blog post version. I just love Michaels. Whenever I go in that store I never leave empty handed because I always find something cute and worth it. I have a few great items that I got on sale and wanted to share with you guys so here it is! Enjoy :D

These were in the planner section and I got it for a great price so I was really happy. They had more varieties but this was the cutest one. :)

Omg these are really cute bows that comes with a tag. I love the colors and the designs. I figured as they were at a really good price how can I not get them and so I did :D

I also got this cute pink paperclip. They had it in different colors but I just loved the pink one. It is really cute and right now I have it sitting on my desk.

 Here are my cute little pens. I got also them at a really good price and as I love colorful things I couldn't just pass by and not buy them.

These are amazing little notebooks that I also found at Michaels. I love hard cover notebooks so I was really happy when I got them. One says: I've got this and the other one says: Make mistakes. And they each match with the pens that I bought. (shown above)

I really wanted to show you guys this one although I haven't purchase it at Michaels. I don't remember where I got this but I just fell in love with it and so I had to get it. I love how it says: my head is in the clouds and you can write all of your thoughts in it! And of course the cloudy design makes it even cuter. :D

I love watching stationary hauls! If you are a stationary lover too, please leave your link below :)

As always, Stay Kawaii ^_^'