Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kawaii favorites

These cute little book erasers. So adorable! It is also colorful. I love it.
This amazing pencil case. The colors are great. There are 2 pockets ( main pocket and another open pocket) I need this in my life. It is so useful. You can attach it with any notebook.
This is so cute. A toaster notepad. I love it :D It also has a moustache. This is real happiness.
It is a fun "help me" or "save me" bookmark. This is for people like me who loves to read. And they are various colors. :)
Because this is the cutest calculator ever. It would look great sitting on a white desk. That pastel baby blue makes it look even better :D

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Little things kawaii - Weekend Favorites :)

Little things kawaii - Weekend Favorites

Everyday, I fall in love with pinterest. I always find interesting things like cute little projects. And now look at these cute little enveloppes. I am planning to make one for fun. It's a good DIY stay at home project :)

Do tiny envelopes serve a small purpose? Find out! Too pretty // Miniature Sealed set by MontserratFolch on Etsy, €9.00 I am pinning this so that I remember to have the tooth fairy leave tiny notes for my kids...  :)

I am little bit early for the weekend favorites but I just couldn't wait to show you all these cute little things. I am a big fan of cute stationary things and so I wanted to share this with you all. :D

This are erasers? you must be joking! I need this in my life hahaha Cute backpack design pencil bag,school Canvas pencil case, kawaii Stationery items(ss-6440) HK |❣| HELLO KITTY's Friend My Melody Die-Cut Binder Clips 

Kawaii Pastel Poop Double Pencil Sharpener Rabbit Correction Tape and Eraser    Camera Film Sticky Note Roll. @Dana Curtis Curtis Curtis Curtis Armstrong Hee Linnekin

1-  Bread erasers
2-  Backpack pencil case
3-  Die-Cut Binder Clips
4-  Kawaii Pastel Poop Double Pencil Sharpener
5-  Rabbit Correction Tape and Eraser
6-  Camera Film Sticky Note Roll

Question for you:

Which one is your favorite? Can you even choose? :)

Note: All these pictures are taken from pinterest.com


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Kawaii miniatures.

Kawaii miniatures stuff.
Cooookies :D Who doesn't love cookies? These ones are calorie-free & it's a good little treat for yourself or for a DIY gift ^^'.
Awww look at these polymer clay miniature cupcakes!! They are soo cute :D It's good for a collection or great for decoration. We all love kawaii charms. :)

 Cute kawaii marshmallows. Omg! Imagine this with some chocolate *.* Would be amazing!
 Pink lemonade *.* It's just too perfect. I would love to have that miniature lemonade tray. So cute :D
A cute polymer confetti cake :D So colorful and so cute :)
Hey, look! It's a kawaii miniature food ring! :D Isn't that amazing. This is just too cute ^^' I love it! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This is some really cute stuff I found on Pinterest :D I just want to have them all right now! ^^' Don't you?  


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kawaii Pen Pal

Hello Kawaii Lovers,

Din't you ever wished that you had a Pen Pal? A friendly person from another country that you can send letters and other stuff too? Well, I wish I did! It is easy to find them online because they are many sites where you describe yourself and the kind of friend you are looking to interact with. You never know how close you can end up being with someone who is so far away.So if you really want to meet people across the world and explore new things then check out these amazing sites where you can find new people who are ready to exchange good stuff with you!







Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kawaii USB keys

Who wouldnt' want cute kawaii USB Keys? It saves all your data and yet it's also cute. Isn't that amazing? :) Well I don't about you but I would love to have a kawaii USB Keys collection. It's cute and useful at the same time! Thanks to the people who made this kawaii inventions. 

I already have a kawaii erasers collection. I am thinking of something else too. But I am not so sure. Any advice on what collection should I have? :D

Do you have a collection or want to make a collection about anything? If yes, then tell me about it in comments :D I would love to know more about your collection! :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Kawaii erasers


If you love kawaii you love them kawaii erasers too. They are so cute. And you can find anything you want. Ice cream erasers, donuts, cupcake and much more. It's funny because they are so adorable that you don't even feel like using them. You just want to have lots and lots of them to make a collection.

My favourites kawaii erasers are the bakery ones. I love those cupcake and cakes ones.

I love basically everything related to kawaii. You have a kawaii Blog or anything? Give me the link and i'd love to check it out! :)