Thursday, July 9, 2015

Little things kawaii - Weekend Favorites :)

Little things kawaii - Weekend Favorites

Everyday, I fall in love with pinterest. I always find interesting things like cute little projects. And now look at these cute little enveloppes. I am planning to make one for fun. It's a good DIY stay at home project :)

Do tiny envelopes serve a small purpose? Find out! Too pretty // Miniature Sealed set by MontserratFolch on Etsy, €9.00 I am pinning this so that I remember to have the tooth fairy leave tiny notes for my kids...  :)

I am little bit early for the weekend favorites but I just couldn't wait to show you all these cute little things. I am a big fan of cute stationary things and so I wanted to share this with you all. :D

This are erasers? you must be joking! I need this in my life hahaha Cute backpack design pencil bag,school Canvas pencil case, kawaii Stationery items(ss-6440) HK |❣| HELLO KITTY's Friend My Melody Die-Cut Binder Clips 

Kawaii Pastel Poop Double Pencil Sharpener Rabbit Correction Tape and Eraser    Camera Film Sticky Note Roll. @Dana Curtis Curtis Curtis Curtis Armstrong Hee Linnekin

1-  Bread erasers
2-  Backpack pencil case
3-  Die-Cut Binder Clips
4-  Kawaii Pastel Poop Double Pencil Sharpener
5-  Rabbit Correction Tape and Eraser
6-  Camera Film Sticky Note Roll

Question for you:

Which one is your favorite? Can you even choose? :)

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