Monday, December 26, 2016

Studio G - Hampton Art

Hey kawaii lovers,
I am back with some really cute stuff that I bought from Micheals Store and that with such a great deal. These are cute supplies from Studio g to decorate agendas, planners, and everything to get creative and organized!

Clear Stamps

These are really cute mini clear stamps that can be useful for planners or for people who wants to be organized. It is also fun because you can make your own to do list and manage the way you want to plan your things. As you can see, the stamps includes a to do list, the days of the week, dates and more. I love them! :)

 Page Flags

When I saw these page flags, I couldn't get past by because they are not only pretty but classy too.
They both have the same designs which is amazing.

 Mini clipboards

We all need cute notepads to write just about anything that comes to mind. I love the background colors of the grid sheet notepad. These are pretty and can decorate any type of desk too. You can also have it on a go which is even better.

Planner ideas

This includes journal cards and stickers. I loved this theme the best and it also matches with one of my agendas so it's basically perfect. Stickers are truly awesome! :D

Adhesive library pockets

These are pretty useful mostly for agendas or planners but you can always get creative and use these pockets to organize yourself the way you want.

I found all these cute supplies at Micheals and fell in love with it. Everything was on sale and there was a variety of choices but I choose the ones that I found was the cutest.


  1. Okay this is the cutest blog I've seen in my life, absolutely love it!

    1. Awww thank youu! :D I adore your blog too! Thank you so much for passing by :)


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