Saturday, October 22, 2016

Some good stuff

Hey kawaii lovers,
I have got some good stuff to show you guys :D Sometimes there are things that are too precious that you don't even feel like using them because you are scared that its value will fade away but you could just stare at them all day and admire those lovely things. Well, I feel that way about stationary.

These are such cute sticky notes designs. I love them all. They are so pretty and it is really fun to take notes on them. Although I have lots of them, whenever I use one of them I feel bad already. I want these pretty things to stay with me forever. I was really disappointed about the cupcake one because it has only 20 sheets but it was way too cute for me to leave it so I just decided to buy it. 

These are adorable little notepads. I just LOVE those notepads that comes with a pen. It just makes everything so easier and I tend to think less when it comes to them and buy it directly. I haven't use any of these yet but I soon will. The first picture is a cute recipe notepad in which I can organize all my recipes. The ice cream one is really cute and comes with a set of 3 sticky notes and I just fell in love with it. :D

These are just some cute stuff that I bought recently but there are still many more good stuff to come. So kawaii lovers, stay tuned for upcoming stationary :D By the way,  if you have anything kawaii or related to stationary that you would like me to look at, please leave the link below and I surely will check it out! :)


  1. Those are so cute!! I love cute post it's and page flags. I have a collection too bc I don't want to use them!! Lol

    1. Awww thank you! And omg I feel you. Trust me I feel the sameee :P


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