Monday, May 30, 2016

Wishlist Monday

Hey kawaii lovers,
I know I don't post often and I really want to change that so I'll try to blog more like at least once a week to stay in touch with you amazing people. Also , I am thankful to all of you for giving me courage and making me want to blog more. And now, enjoy this post! :)

These are cute litte kawaii book erasers. They are so adorable. These are one of the things that are so precious that you don't even want to use and just let it sit there and admire it. :D

If this isn't the most cutest kawaii to do list then what is? This is not only adorable but very useful too and that is what I love. It is perfect to take it on the go and get your things done.

I have a crazy macaron obsession going on here. Last time I ordered different colors of macarons as storage box which I talked about on my last post Cute stationary and this time I want these macarons erasers.  I love them because they are so cute and colorful.

These mini storage boxes would look great sitting on a desk. I love the designs and how they are full of colors. It is perfect for organizing things and it also decorates the room which is amazing.

I am in love with these kawaii silicone coin purses. I already have many coin purse but I really can't help it with all this cuteness. I want them all :P

PS: Stay kawaii! ^_^'

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